Idk. As long as she doesn’t have kids and isn’t hurting anyone but herself, I think she’s still cool :(

she does have kids!!!!!! :(

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Anonymous said:
I guess some of you shoplifters really are roleplaying. I see one girl is stealing photos from pinterest and actually taking time to type up prices.


The whole point is to role play.image

Now run along, internet detective




"i don’t support feminism because i don’t hate men"


Sure is actually. I believe the term you’re interested in is GENDER EQUALITY.


*is ugly and doesn’t have a boyfriend*
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you message him but show him something that you think he will like/are of his interests and be like "I saw this and thought you would like it/it reminded me of you"

ahh yes that is good advice thank you!! now i just have to find something, lmao

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Should I tell my soon to be college roommate that I shoplift

um is this a person that you don’t really know? because if so then no, absolutely not. you have no idea how they feel about shoplifting and it’s best to not risk it.

if it’s a friend then you have to think about how you think they’ll react and whether or not it’s worth risking your friendship. Personally I wouldn’t tell any of my friends unless I was 100% sure they wouldn’t hate me for it

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what do you do if you want a guy to text or message you but are too afraid to text/message first

i literally refuse to do it at this point but i want to talk to him??

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me as a parent

this isn’t funny, it’s actually disgusting. this kid should be taken away and anyone laughing at this should be ashamed

i fucking hate when people don’t text back like ok if we’re just making small talk then that’s fine but if i’m trying to plan something with you or ask you something and you don’t respond that’s just so shitty

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